Brazillian-Cherry-hidden-deck-fastener1                                                             South American Hardwood Deck Constructed using the best Hidden deck fastener on the market – the Deck Clip™.




cumaru-hidden-deck-fastener                                                              Lovely hardwood deck built using the strongest Hidden Deck Fastener available the Deck Clip™ from Wood Haven, Inc.




Cumaru-hidden-deck-fastener3                                                      Deck built with the Deck Clip™ Hidden Deck Fastener for a long life. This Hidden Deck Fastener is stronger and more durable than the others on the market.




hidden-deck-fastener                                                             Use Deck Clip hidden fasteners to accentuate the natural beauty of your deck.



ipe-hidden-deck-fastener                                                              Built using the solid Aluminum Deck Clip™ from Wood Haven, Inc. with Magni 599 corrosion resistant coating this deck will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for many many years to come.


Tuari Deck                                                                                       Wood Haven’s Deck Clips™ very versatile and allows a designer to use varying board widths and materials all while avoiding the use of unsightly and hazardous fasteners.

1230047_568384716541218_1800787534_n                                                              By using the Deck Clip™ the life of the board is increased and the beauty of the wood is uninterrupted by screw heads.

mg-carma                                                            The Deck Clip™ hidden fastener is strong, affordable and easy to use.

 deck                                                      Building a great deck like this is easy using the Deck Clip™, no cumbersome bottom side installation, no messy adhesive, and no pre-drilling.

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